流水生财 【8】
流水生财 【8】
流水生财 【8】

流水生财 【8】

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风水意思 meaning of feng shui art


黄金靠山 : 风水画里大黄金山,让你在事业上有着庞大的【财源靠山】也能【招财聚宝】挂在公司能为老板当靠山,把生意赚来的钱堆积成山!挂在家中能把一家大小的财富都锁在一起形成一座稳稳的大黄金山。喜鹤在天空飞翔,有着吉祥如意的寓言。【好运连连】,满天飞!喜鹊为报喜之鸟,是好运和福气的一种象征,它的形态就像一定金,所以每当有喜鹊飞来,就表示着有宝物临门的意思。蒸蒸日上有着【鸿运当头】之好运,里头有帆船代表着【一帆风顺】!

Meaning of Art: In Feng Shui art, the golden mountain represent of【fortune and treasure】! Placing the art at home bring the wealth of a family together. In business, the large and stable base of golden mountain shows the business is growing at stable and steady peace and accumulate tons of wealth. Magpie symbolizes of【good luck and good fortune】, whenever a magpie flies pass, treasures will be attracting to your place. Sailboat represents【smooth sailing in career or business】.

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流水生财 【8】