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福鹿财树 :在古中国风水学里,鹿谐音“禄”代表高官厚禄,【步步高升】!也象征吉祥【长寿和升官】之意。图中一对金鹿寓意着福禄双全,也能够凝聚【家中财气】,有着旺财之风水效果。鹿能够【兴旺财运】、事业运!给在创业/生意路上的老板们,金路(鹿)会为您开创一条属于【自己的财路】。正所谓发财有 “路”!


打印布料:法国雨露麻油画布料 + 颜色防水 + 二十年不掉色


商业合作及量大购物者请联系 +65 9228 5966 Mr. Soh

Meaning of Art: In the traditional of Feng Shui art, the pair of golden deer in the picture symbolizes both【Fortune and Luck】, and can also condense wealth, which in the Chinese Feng Shui effect of【Prosperous Wealth】. Deer can prosperous fortune and 【bring luck in career】! For person who are on the road of entrepreneurship / business, “Jin Lu” (Gold Deer) will create a【secret path of success】for you along with money tree.

Decoration location: Company, Boss Office, Finance Office, Living Room, Home Entrance

Printing Material: Oil painting canvas fabric + Color Waterproof + 20 Years of Long-lasting

Frame: Bladeless Frame, Black Frame, Golden Frame, Rose Gold Frame, Light Wood Frame, Dark Wood Frame

Merchandise cooperation and bulk purchaser, please contact +65 9228 5966 Mr. Soh