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富贵圆满 : 在风水学里,圆形代表着【人生圆满】。圆形的框搭配着各种类型的风水画,可以带来更多【富贵吉祥】及伴随而来的福报。这些福报可以让您一生【好运连连】及避开灾劫的发生,因此【平安一生】。

风水画摆放点:客厅,门口 ,书房,饭厅,公司

打印布料:法国雨露麻油画布料 + 颜色防水 + 二十年不掉色


商业合作及量大购物者请联系+65 9228 5966 Mr. Soh 

Meaning of Art: In Chinese Feng Shui, the circle shape represents the【Wonderful Life】. The round frame matches well with various types of Feng Shui art paintings, which can bring more 【Prosperity and Wealth】and accompany by full of blessings. These blessings can give you a lifetime of【Good Luck】and 【Avoid Disasters】.

Decoration location: Living Room, Entrance, Study Room, Dining Room, Company Office

Printing Material: Oil painting canvas fabric + Color Waterproof + 20 Years of Long-lasting

Frame: Golden Frame

Merchandise cooperation and bulk purchaser, please contact +65 9228 5966 Mr. Soh