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风水意思 meaning of feng shui art

流水生财: 描绘高山上的流水,源远流长的意境和景观。【财源滚滚】,势不可挡;一轮红日冉冉升起,象征着【鸿运当头】;祥云高挂在上空,中国风水画里寓意着【吉祥安康】;湖中的荷花寓意【家庭和美】;高贵纯美的天鹅寓意【爱情甜蜜】;湖中的船舶寓意:一帆风顺;丹顶鹤象征着尊贵和长寿,在古代又被称为“仙鹤”,传说有几千年的寿命,故寓意【延年益寿】;图中左为挡灾树,右边梅花常被民间作为传春报喜的吉祥象征,梅花五瓣,享有【梅开五福】的寓意。

Meaning of Art: Depicting the flowing water on the mountain, the artistic conception and landscape with a long history. 【Money is rolling Unstoppable】; a red sun is rising, symbolizing【Good Fortune】; auspicious clouds hang high in the sky, in Chinese Feng Shui means【Good luck and Well-being】; the lotus in the lake means 【Harmony】; the noble and pure swan means 【Sweet love】; the meaning of the ship in the lake: smooth sailing; the red-crowned crane symbolizes dignity and longevity, and was also called "crane" in ancient times. Legend has it that it has a lifespan of thousands of years, so it means【Prolonging Life】.The plum blossom on the right is often regarded as an auspicious symbol of the Spring Announcement among the people. The five-petaled plum blossom enjoys the beautiful meaning of【Plum blossoms and five blessings】.

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